Adventurous young climbers will find tons of exciting challenges at The Cliffs’ Summer Vacation! Kids will learn climbing techniques + rope skills, including learning to tie the knots and to belay, while engaging their creative problem solving skills to scale the walls. 

Climbing and collaborative games also emphasize teamwork, leadership skills, and goal setting in a dynamically fun and supportive environment! Kids also explore the outdoors and learn essential outdoor skills.


Vacation weeks run Monday through Friday, 9AM - 3PM starting July 10 and running through September 1. 

Cliffs Vacation

Ages 6 - 14

The Cliffs Vacation offers a fun-filled week of climbing, team building, and adventures, indoors + out! 


$700 for guests // $650 for members

Early bird discounts apply!

URBAN Adventure Vacation

Ages 10+

The Outdoor Adventure Vacation is geared towards intermediate to advanced adventurers who love the outdoors! 

Vacation days are spent climbing and playing collaborative games, trying trapeze, and exploring the outdoors!


$700 for guests // $650 for members

Early bird discounts apply!


  • Comfortable/athletic clothing
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Bugspray that does not contain DEET


All of the following forms must be completed and submitted by your child's first day of camp. Your child will not be allowed to participate if any forms are missing or incomplete.

The Health History form must be printed and brought to The Cliffs at LIC. The Cliffs waiver must be completed online and submitted electronically.

The following form is required for Urban Adventure Vacation only. Please print and bring to The Cliffs at LIC by your child's first day.